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        Jiangxi Hongyuan Machinery Co., Ltd.
        Jiangxi Hongyuan Machinery Co., Ltd.
        Jiangxi Hongyuan Machinery Co., Ltd.
        polypropylene FDY s
        High-strength polyp
        PP POY spinning mac
        Polyester FDY indus
        Polyester FDY civil
        Polyester POY spinn
        Polypropylene BCF s
        Single machine
        Chemical fiber spin
        Polypropylene spinning machine
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        Single machine
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        Details monofilament machine uses and main features

           Equipment used in polyester, polypropylene, nylon industrial yarn of coarse denier fiber production, the wire is mainly used for fishing nets, ropes, high density fabric, scarves, Min yarn, mask, shoulder pads, shade cloth, etc.

        Technical Parameters


        The main features

        1. Screw with enhanced
        2. Melt spinning box short residence time
        3. He spinnerets with a large board, high flow high pressure spinning pump
        4. Unique cooling water bath to obtain a low degree of orientation that the tow, no good crystal structure and tensile properties spun filaments.
        5. Efficient receiver, reducing equipment investment costs.


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