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        Jiangxi Hongyuan Machinery Co., Ltd.
        Jiangxi Hongyuan Machinery Co., Ltd.
        Jiangxi Hongyuan Machinery Co., Ltd.
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        For the production of polyester FDY (FDY) product available, the wire is mainly used for lifting belt, traction belt, fastening belt, conveyor belt geotextile nets, ropes, industrial sewing threads and rubber.


        Technical Parameters

        The main features of polyester spinning machine

        1. The machine uses a new type of energy-efficient spinning box than regular spinning boxes can be energy efficient.

        2. Bottoms advanced cup assemblies, improved melt flow uniformity within the package, the plate surface temperature uniform. While reducing the labor intensity.

        3. The new side of the hair system, wind uniformity and stability, the fiber of the stem.

        4. Average temperature technology uses high-frequency multi-stage thermal drawing roll, hot roll surface temperature uniformity workspace reliable, low energy consumption.

        5. Slow cooling individually controlled heating device, effectively prevent skin-core fiber structure.

        6. Multi-level drawing and heat setting way to meet a variety of combinations of polyester industrial yarn of different performance requirements.

        7. Using automatic winder, handover success rate, low waste silk, forming well.


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