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        Jiangxi Hongyuan Machinery Co., Ltd.
        Jiangxi Hongyuan Machinery Co., Ltd.
        Jiangxi Hongyuan Machinery Co., Ltd.
        polypropylene FDY s
        High-strength polyp
        PP POY spinning mac
        Polyester FDY indus
        Polyester FDY civil
        Polyester POY spinn
        Polypropylene BCF s
        Single machine
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        Polypropylene spinning machine
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        Polypropylene BCF spinning machine description:


        Polypropylene BCF spinning machine Usage:


        The equipment used for bulky textured filament BCF, the wire used in carpets, window seal.


        The main features of the product has the following eight areas:


        1, using longer screws, AC Variable Frequency Drive technology.

        2, melt residence time is short, no dead energy-saving spinning box, melt piping system is equipped with a static mixer and mixing homogenizing effect by the

        3 boxes specially designed spinning, spinning and three monochrome silk and Silk.

        4, coat-style cup assembly, the board and the appropriate surface spinneret spinning fine denier micro and aspect ratio.

        5, slow cooling is to improve the quality of silk.

        6, uniform and stable side wind blowing quench device.

        7, the filter device to improve and metering pumps and metering pump life components.

        8, dedicated BCF automatic changer winding head.



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